Things to do
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Ministry and Meetings

Where do I go for field service and meetings?
What should I bring for the ministry?

There is no special topic for this campaign so bring your Bible and be prepared to cover a variety of useful topics in the ministry. The host congregation will have literature on hand for delegates but please bring literature a reasonable amount of literature with you.

I’m not going to be out in the ministry on one of my assigned days, do I need to contact anyone?

You do not have to inform the committee or host congregation if you are not able to meet for a meeting for service. If you’re going to be late and would like to meet with a group later in the day, contact the brother who is conducting the meeting for field service.

Rooming, Transportation & Hospitality

Where should I stay?

See the Locations page for meeting locations. If you have a question about a certain area’s safety, you can reach out to your host congregation contact.

Can you help me find someone to stay with?

If you are not in Special Full-Time Service, please make your own arrangements.

How do I get a ride?

If you are not in Special Full-Time Service, please make your own transportation arrangements.

If you are in Special Full-Time Service, your host family might be able to assist with close-by errands, but if you need a ride reach out to Daniel Hong (+1 (760) 628-7257) to make arrangements.

Will food be provided?

There will be lunch provided one day a week (see schedule). Food will be provided at the evening gatherings.

General Questions

Is it ok if I change my dates?

If your travel days change please inform your host congregation contact.

My final dates are a little different than my assignment, is that ok?

It is ok for your dates to differ from your assignment letter. Please inform your host congregation contact.

Other questions?

Talk to your host congregation contact